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About Us


GalanteVasques Luxury Tourism was founded  by a duo: Rita Galante and Fábio Vasques.  One is the idea, the other is the will, one is the planning, the other is the action, one is the detail, the other is the big picture. IT'S  so since 2015.

We both have degrees in Economics and Management and we got to know each other when applying for a management position.  in Dubai, for which we were both hired. work on  Dubai to  lead  international teams, gave us the confidence to undertake an old impetus: to create our own company.

We decided it was then  time to start our own project in Portugal to "do it differently". It was time to add  value to their country of origin, to their regions (Lisbon and Algarve), to our own project...

Above all, our new brand  had to bring  added value and differentiation  to Portuguese tourism.

This is our mission: to add value to those who visit us so that they can take from Portugal an authentic, personalized and unique experience for a lifetime.

This brand was born  and so it has been growing since then until today.

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